A True Taste of the West Coast

Vancouver Island offers visitors a seemingly endless selection of experiences, but for those looking for a true taste of west coast living, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Book your summer getaway in Sooke this summer and experience the magic of the island just kitty corner to the hustle and bustle of Victoria, in your own heavenly haven of relaxation.

Less than an hour’s drive from downtown Victoria, Sooke offers visitors a beautiful bite of what island living is really like. A short drive but a world away from the drive-thru, chain store, double double, super-sized culture we’ve all become so used to, a week spent in Sooke recharges its visitors without a charging cable.

Sooke’s downtown core is reminiscent of times long past where people did errands on foot and knew the names of their butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. Skip the conventional Venti non-fat, sugar-free Starbucks latte available on every corner and embrace what island-style local living is all about. Located a stone’s throw from the waterfront, just off Otter Point Road, is Stick in the Mud Cafe — or “The Stick”. They roast their own beans, bake their own goodies using local, organic ingredients, and serve up delicious beverages with love.

Coffee isn’t the only thing Sooke is brewing. The heart and soul of Sooke comes from the earth, the sea, and the people. The term ‘salt of the earth’ takes on a whole new meaning at Saltwest, a Sooke born and bred hand-harvested sea salt company that takes seasoning to a whole new level. Spice up your getaway with a tour of the saltiest place on the coast — see the magic behind how Canada’s premier gourmet sea salt goes from sea to table — and it all happens seaside in Sooke.

All salt aside, if you are what you eat, very few of us would end up as carrots. Once upon a time people ate what they could grow, and Wild Mountain aims to embrace that ethos. True to their roots, Wild Mountain’s menu is built around what is locally available — and their menu changes seasonally to reflect this. Working closely with local farmers, fisheries, wineries, brewers, and bakers, Wild Mountain builds their menu from the earth up, providing their patrons with food grown and sourced locally from the earth and the sea. So seldom do we look down at the ground beneath our feet, but that earth nourishes and sustains us, and Wild Mountain pays homage to it.

Eat, drink, and be merry. What offers more merriment than spirits? Sooke has spirit (and spirits) in scores, starting with Sooke Brewing Company. Grown from the ground up by Sooke locals looking to raise the bar for BC brewed beer, Sooke Brewing Company utilizes a mix of local and imported ingredients to pay homage to internationally famous brewing styles right here at home. With such a diverse and delicious menu, the most difficult decision patrons face is which type to try first!

For those who favour spirits to hops, Sheringham Distillery offers small batch hand-crafted spirits made locally. A company steeped in local folklore, Sheringham offers a taste of island life (and island spirits) through their complimentary tours and tastings, open to the public seven days a week from 11am to 5pm. Take a peek behind the scenes and fall in love with the taste and culture of this Sooke-grown distillery.


True to its roots, Sooke celebrates the soil and sea that sustains its locals, aids in the creation of a range of products, and is the fuel for so many local businesses. For a true taste of island life, head to Sooke. The hardest part will be heading home again.

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