Bird Watching in Sooke

Sooke is home to many things, rich history, lush forests and birds. We have our common birds at every corner including humingbirds, countless swallows, geese, ducks, eagles, hawks and cranes.

A recent bird spotter went out for the day and spotted:

  • Red Phalarope
  • Brant Geese
  • Turnstones
  • Surf Scoters
  • Western Meadowlarks
  • Marbled Murrelets
  • Common Loons
  • Yellow Billed Loons

I am sure this very well could be their new personal record!

In the past few months there has been something very special that has been spotted in our area, something very rare… A White Raven! This is what happens when 2 common black ravens produce an offspring that is paler in completion or white. The current White Raven has blue eyes, which means it is not albino rather leucistic meaning it doesn’t deposit melanin in its skin or feathers like regular ravens. This is quite fascinating and a very rare occurrence, go for a nature walk and see if you can spot this legendary phenomenon.

There is an annual Christmas Bird Count that happens every year on the week following Christmas; this years date has not been released yet so please keep an eye out if this is something that interests you. It is a fun outdoor occasion that not only helps you reconnect with nature but also helps us to better understand the current bird population.

People travel from far off lands to see our biodiversity and wildlife. When I was travelling in Southeast Asia I found myself in a zoo that had something that really blew me away. At first I thought I saw a raven in captivity, but it was in fact a “North American Crow.” I laughed and snapped a shot of the large group taking pictures of it. You just never know what some people may be interested to see, that we have flying around us every single day.

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