The Perfect Sooke Fishing Experience

Key Tips for Your Fishing Adventure


Make sure you are ready for a saltwater fishing excursion with these helpful tips:

  • Year round bring warm, layered clothing, no matter what the weather report says.
  • Salt water fishing licences are required for every guest that will be touching the fishing gear. Follow the following link to acquire a licence:
  • Having a camera is always a good idea.
  • Both a hat and sunglasses are strongly recommended,no matter what the weather.
  • Please arrange a boxed lunch or snacks before you head out on your adventure.
  • Start early! Fishing may be part luck and part skill but the earlier you get out in the day, the better chance you have.
  • Let your guide know how many people and children you are bringing so that the appropriate size and amount of life jackets are supplied.
  • Determine the type of fish you would like to catch so that your guide is prepared.
  • Please let your guides know if you are prone to seasickness.
  • If you would like to contact your guide personally before departure, simply request their contact information from our front desk staff.