Horseback Riding in Sooke!

There is no bond quite like that of a horse and its riding partner. After putting weeks of work into breaking in a horse and grooming them, the two of you have an incredible bond. Trail blazing with your stallion is a great way to experience a taste of the good ol’ days. This was once the main form of transportation on land; it is how our ancestors felt whilst weaving through the forest on their mustangs.

If you do not have a horse, or much experience with one, there are stables that you can visit to learn the technique and skills of riding. The trainers will teach you everything you need to know. If you are more advanced and can ride a horse English, western, sideways, backwards or blindfolded… Maybe the stables are not for you.

Here in Sooke there are hundreds of trails to explore with your horse. A fan favourite seems to be the Galloping Goose Regional Trail which stretches 55 kilometres from Sooke to Victoria. You could choose to walk, run, mountain bike or gallop with your steed along the path. There are many breathtaking viewpoints that are just waiting for you to explore. Exploring with a horse will make you feel safe even in the darkest points of the forest.

The Sooke Hill Wilderness Regional Trail is the largest park in the region, the trails are considered challenging and not suitable for all ages. There is a viewing platform at Waugh Creek Falls that gives you an idea of how massive the park really is. Most of these trails are equestrian friendly, but unfortunately your horse is going to have to take a break for a little bit if you want to walk along the Goldstream River suspension bridge. It really is an incredible sight that is highly recommended for all!

People literally travel from all over the world to explore this vast land. You will be able to see much more if you get off your own two feet and travel by horseback…  after all, they say two is better than one.

When visiting Sooke, it is best to stay as close to the marina as possible because of its beauty and convenience.  Visit our website for best prices on the nicest suites you will find in town, book your stay now.