Into the Wild

Heading outdoors for a little wilderness exploration is a must for anyone visiting Vancouver Island. The island’s expansive shorelines and untouched old-growth forests are magnetic, drawing tourists from around the globe, coming from vastly different areas.

Sooke has a number of trails suitable for every person. There are hundreds, if not thousands of wonderful paths to choose from that range from long hiking trails to forests, and open grass lands, offering great views of the strait, and beaches.


This easily assessible trail provides a mild yet stunning scenic Oceanside stroll along the Sooke spit. Only a 4-minute drive or 20-minute walk from Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina, this trail scales the length of the narrow barrier separating the Sooke Harbour from the open ocean. Remember to keep your eyes peeled and try to spot a pod of resident orcas that have been known to frequent the area.


Take the zig-zagging boardwalk down to the harbour where you can follow the 1100 ft wooden boardwalk along the Sooke shoreline. This is the perfect place to watch locals fish for crab and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the water. An added bonus is that the construction of this fresh boardwalk was so well designed that strollers, walkers and wheelchairs will have no problem rolling along this beautiful wooden boulevard.

Image Courtesy of Sooke Tourism


This 47 km hiking trail stretches along the western shoreline of Vancouver Island from China Beach to Botanical Beach near Port Renfrew. This trail is internationally known for having one of the most scenic hiking trails, spectacular wildlife viewing and powerful surf along the Pacific coastline.


Experience of almost every natural wonder the island has to offer East Sooke Park offers a multitude of small beaches, tide pools, and untouched old growth forest bursting with life.  It is most well-known for it’s Coastal Trail, which is a 10 km trail running the length of the entire park along the water.

Please note, we aren’t encouraging travel at this time; however, we will continue to post blogs and content across our social media channels to provide a virtual travel experience. We look forward to welcoming all visitors to Sooke when the time is right.