It Takes a Village


Visitors to Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina over the next few weeks will be joined by an unusual group of guests staying here with us.

Guests need not worry; these ocean-dwellers won’t be bunking up next door. In keeping with annual tradition, our resort is housing hundreds of thousands of salmon smolts in a permanent fish pen at our marina.

There is great concern for the drastically reduced Orca population and the dwindling food source which they need to survive. The South Vancouver Island Angler’s Coalition and True Key Hotel & Resorts have made it possible for the smolts to be imprinted in our waters while they mature until their release date.

These almost half a million salmon will be released into our waters to help sustain our Orca population. Over the years they have proven imperative to the cause. This springtime smolt hospitality has been recognized by the Chinook Enhancement Initiative but more importantly, it ensures the continued survival of the majestic Orcas our west coast is known for. Without a constant food source, the Orcas are starving in record numbers. Without a thriving salmon population, the resident orcas are struggling to stay alive.

With the help of Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina and True Key Hotel & Resorts, the South Vancouver Island Angler’s Coalition hopes to have increased the Chinook population in the area by approximately 15,000 for the 2021 Chinook run. This projected growth in the salmon population will help stabilize and hopefully increase the numbers of Orcas on our coast. A win for Mother Nature, a win for our magnificent “Killer Whales”, and an unbelievable sight to behold for the whale watchers who travel from around the globe to see these beautiful, mighty creatures that call our West Coast waters home.

The pen that these little salmon vacation in every spring is now a permanent fixture at our Resort, guaranteeing that each year, hundreds of thousands of salmon smolt have somewhere safe and comfortable to mature before they are released into the ocean to become a part of
the natural ecosystem.

Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while, even our fingerless finned friends who share their ocean with us. Animal and nature lovers alike can head to Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina for a springtime getaway and become a part of the beautiful equilibrium between humankind and mother earth. Time your trip right and you might even be privy to the annual salmon release; it’s certainly a sight to behold.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this program or if you would like more information.