Meadery in the Heart of Sooke

If you want to indulge in a little taste of history then Tugwell Creek Farm is a must visit.

Here you can enjoy the delicate art of Mead that dates back to roughly 9000 BC. As long as there have been bees and honey, there has been mead. Mead could potentially have been discovered before even the wheel was invented! This is the oldest known alcoholic beverage that archaeologists first date back to Northern China. This drink is not any ordinary liquid; it was known as “the nectar of the Gods.” Mead makers, otherwise known as mazers, crafted a drink fine enough for for King Tut, Eric the Read and Queen Elizabeth the First. This may possibly have been the world’s most favourite drink at some point, enjoyed by pirates, peasants, kings, queens and even pharaohs.

Tugwell teaches us that “Mead occurs naturally when honey is mixed with water and yeast. A chance occurrence of mead was likely produced during the Stone Age when honey became wet from rain and wild yeast in the air settled into the mixture.” Their guides are highly informative and know about the long history of this beverage. From China, to Greece, Caesar and Queen Elizabeth. The roman empire and middle ages would not be the same without Mead.

Discover the history of the worlds first fermented beverage here in Sooke. Tugwell Creek Farm has a great self guided tour so your group can go at your own pace. No pressure to buy, but a lot of samples and pairing.

This is the perfect idea for a ladies night out or for a romantic experience with your partner. Mead has brought people together for thousands of years and continues to do so through it’s flavour and the passion mazers display for their product.

Come to Sooke where you will understand why this has been celebrated through the ages. Mead is a drink that is to be shared with your loved ones. Enjoy the warmth of the fire, and the smooth warmth it gives you as it heats up your body from the first drop.  Book your Sooke stay today!