Mountain Biking in Sooke

Sooke is a growing community that is always looking for more creative ways to get people outdoors. Throughout the year there are tons of great events and activities to become one with the wild. Today we are going to be talking about something really wild, exciting and a little bit on the edge!

There is nothing more thrilling than zooming through the forest so fast that the trees become blurs. You grip onto your handles tight, swaying back and forth as the path leads you down into the unknown. These trails were made for you and your mountain bike.

Sooke Bike Park is a great place to get started. This park was made possible in 2015 through a community grant program. There are dirt jumps for you to soar high over, along with a pump track. Open from dusk to dawn, weather permitting of course. It’s beautiful to see the people of Sooke come together to improve their outdoor recreation facilities.

Avid mountain bikers suggest starting at the Harbourview parking lot and winding your way up to the top of Quimper. Just keep an eye out because on nice days there can be quite a high volume of hikers at the peak, which is 571 meters in elevation. This total ride is just a little over 22 kilometres and it is a local favourite option for trail blazing.

Sooke Mountain Cycle LTD is your go-to spot for a tune-up on your current model or an upgrade. The employees here are very highly knowledgeable and the shop is very selective about what they keep in their inventory because they value quality over quantity. They even sell e-bikes, which have a small electric motor that runs on battery power. These are ideal for the difficult hills that you may need some assistance getting up. Going downhill is always the fun part, but once you reach the peak, the view is the most rewarding.

Always remember to be safe when riding. We are all going to crash at some point or fall down but just keep an eye out for where you are going and always be well aware of your surroundings. Even if you have shredded down those trails a million times, it is always recommended to ride with a buddy. And do not forget your helmet and water bottle!

Sooke is home to adventure and outdoor fun. If you haven’t visited yet today is the day to reconsider. Check out Sooke Potholes, try some water activities like paddle boarding or bring out the bike and get pedaling. Whatever your fix is we can facilitate your dare-devil needs.

If you want to leave your bike at home and rent one while staying in Sooke, West Coast Outdoor Adventure (located at our Resort) offers mountain bike rentals which are great for exploring the Galloping Goose trail or some of the more challenging terrain. Shuttle service is also available through day rentals.

Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina is located just a 12-minute bike ride away from the Sooke Bike Park. Why not ride over instead of burning unnecessary fuel? Get a little pump on before you challenge yourself and your bike to what awaits you here. Book your stay today; our best prices are always online.