Reconnect with Nature

Ever feel cooped up in your home, or trapped in the concrete jungle?

There are those days where you just want to run and be free in the wild. Well here are the most scenic hikes in the Sooke/Southern Vancouver Island area. Where WE go to experience true freedom.

Let’s start off easy with a nice leisurely stroll along Whiffin Spit. Where you can watch the mesmerizing breakwater and sit on the wooden benches to soak up the beauty of it all. This is the perfect place to bring your children or your dog for a light 30 minute walk to the end of the point. It is fascinating how this serene spit has so much history. It was once a lookout post for the T’Sou-ke nation, then in 1970, it was named Puerto de Revilla Gigedo and now, it is called Whiffin Spit in honour of John George Whiffin, who was in the Royal Navy. Such a peaceful spot with so much history!

Another easy walk, but this time more isolated by the wilderness… Just moments down the West Coast Road is Ed MacGregor Park, named after Sooke’s first mayor. He immensely supported this park and laid the foundation for what it is today. A beautiful park where people go to enjoy artwork, live events and escape down to the Sooke Marine Boardwalk. This walkway is sure to bring you closer to nature and is a perfect spot to watch the sunset with your sweetheart.

This is the only place in the world where you can ride a goose… At least that’s what they call it when you tackle the Galloping Goose trail. It is only a 12 minute drive to Sooke Potholes Provincial Park where you can leave the car and enter into a trail with an archway of trees surrounding you. There is nothing more delightful than the sound of twigs crackling beneath the squirrel who just scurried in front of you. This trail has it all, beautiful viewpoints where you can see the mountains and ocean from a whole new perspective. Meadows that are ideal for picnics and restrooms if you don’t want to be too much of a wilderness warrior.

Are you looking to check off something you may not even know was on your bucket list until now? It is called the West Coast Trail. This incredible 75km backpacking route can take 5-7 days, the trail is rated as one of the most beautiful and challenging hikes in the world. There are waterfalls, suspension bridges, step ladders, and at parts you can choose to walk in the forested trail or also the beach. You will be challenged with pulling yourself up the stepladders and walking along a cliffs edge. This trail is where you go to face your fears and realize they will never hold you back from anything ever again.

The peak season for the West Coast Trail is from May 1-September 30th so please make sure you book your spot with Parks Canada as they only allow 50 hikers on a day, with an additional 10 spaces for standby. Also, please visit the Parks Canada Website and follow the checklist for the recommended gear, they will not steer you in the wrong direction, they are trained professionals who know exactly what you will need.

Come stay at the Sooke Harbour Marina to enjoy your last glimpse of luxury before you start your journey into the great unknown. We have packages that can accommodate all your needs along with any daring friends who are taking this journey with you. They also include the option to leave any extra baggage you may have at the resort for when you return for some R&R… Perhaps a massage? Did I mention that we offer mobile massage services?