Sooke Christmas Festivities

Wow the Santa Run was another huge success this year, but that does not mean the Christmas festivities are over… Oh ho ho no, they have just begun!

Every night until December 21st there will be Gingerbread houses on display at the West Coast Grill and the Prestige Oceanfront Resort (located just blocks from our Resort). Drop by and vote for your favourite creation! In a previous competition, someone even made a pirate ship out of gingerbread… now, we don’t know if they won but they certainly scored creativity points.

The 10th annual Sooke Festival of Trees is happening right now through until December 28th. How it works is the SEAPARC Leisure Complex gets transformed every year into a winter wonderland. Different businesses and schools within the community decorates a tree, people vote on their favourite tree with donations and whomever gets the most votes wins! All proceeds go to raise funs for BC Children’s Hospital. I have picked my favourite tree this year, have you?

Vote this year on your favourite Gingerbread house, or Christmas tree; both go to incredible causes. Allow these people’s creatively to inspire you throughout the years. 

If you want to have a free, fun, family event with live music, hot chocolate and treats. Drop into the Shirley Community Hall on December 24th between 3-5pm for the 2nd annual Christmas Carol Sing Along. This event is a sure fire way to bring the Christmas spirit to life.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… Because everyone was so tuckered out from skating at the SEAPARC Leisure Centre! It takes a lot of energy to carve those skates in the ice and you need to be well rested so the thumps and bumps of Santa Claus doesn’t wake you.

A very special skate with Santa day is also just around the corner, he is taking time out of his very busy schedule to help with the annual Santa Run that just happened. But he is also here to teach all of the good little girls and boys the fine tuned skill of skating.

Celebrate the holidays with friends and family this year, escape the excitement with a nice relaxing stay at Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina which is your perfect oceanside getaway. Book your stay today!