Sooke Kayaking

Kayaking is not only a fantastic way to stay active but also provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature.

If you’re looking to stay active and embrace a healthy lifestyle this summer without the monotony of a traditional gym, consider kayaking! It offers a full-body workout that engages not only your core and arms but also your legs, which play a crucial role in steering and maintaining balance. The rhythmic paddlin

g motion activates muscles you might not typically use, making for a dynamic workout. In just one hour of kayaking, you can burn between 400-500 calories, so it might be a good idea to have a snack on hand to refuel after such an invigorating activity.

Beyond the physical benefits, kayaking offers a holistic experience that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. One of its well-docume

nted advantages is stress relief. Many of us carry tension in our shoulders, often holding them up by our ears. Kayaking offers a chance to unwind and let go, allowing you to savor the endorphin rush from your workout while inhaling the fresh ocean breeze. As your kayak gently sways with the light waves and you synchronize your strokes with the paddle, it can feel like a moving meditation for your body. Take in the scenic views and leave your worries behind.

Exploring the sheltered corners of the harbor provides an excellent opportunity to spot seals, otters, and sea lions.

If you don’t have your kayak or a foldable boat to transport, don’t worry. You can visit the Resort’s onsite rental shop, Westcoast Outdoor Adventure, to inquire about rentals. They offer daily guided tours starting from the Resort along the Sooke Harbor, perfect for solo adventurers or those looking to bring a friend along.

For a more personalized experience, they also provide private tours for you and up to five friends. These four-hour tours offer an insider’s perspective on picturesque locations that only a knowledgeable guide can provide. While there’s no guarantee, keep your eyes peeled for both land and sea creatures, and with a bit of luck, you might spot some adorable faces you don’t typically encounter in the city.

Come book your stay at Sooke Harbour Marina Resort and enjoy your perfect ocean side getaway.