Sooke Potholes

My family has been visiting Sooke Potholes for over a decade! Since my sister moved to Victoria, we are always looking for a fun getaway when we go to the island to visit her. She loves exploring the surrounding area with us too, what better place to go than Sooke Potholes?

This is one of the top local attractions for a good reason, it’s unlike anything else!

The Sooke River is home to Coho and Chinook salmon, it is a great spot for a little catch and release fishing. This river is an ideal location for salmon spawning, it is a great opportunity to see a river that is jam packed with more fish than you could possibly imagine.

The water is so fresh and clear. So feel free to go for a dip in the pools or anywhere along the river. Please swim with caution as there are no lifeguards on duty.

A Sooke Potholes enthusiast said “If you or your big kids/teens enjoy jumping from rocks, they will enjoy this place. We were checking out the area and unfortunately didn’t bring swimsuits or towels, it didn’t matter. The kids jumped from the rocks into the clear ice-cold water. They then climbed along the rocks. We then hiked a trail and enjoyed the smell of the trees. On our drive down, we stopped at a lookout. There were pretty waterfalls and the remnants of a building (which had some very nice graffiti). Now I will be researching the interesting rock formations.”

That means kick off those flip flops and grab something with a little more grip to properly climb and conquer those rocks. On the off season it is known to be a little bit of a trek so please make sure you have good hiking shoes on.

These rock pools and potholes were naturally carved into the bedrock during the last ice age which was 15,000 years ago. Teach your children about how these formations were created and they will be fascinated by the immense amount of history. The canyon walls and bedrock will always be a timeless attraction.

There is an overlook by the ruined hotel site, which is quite a breathtaking view so please take your time, take lots of photos, and just soak in every moment of it. Many landscape and nature photographers like to capture this area for sunrise and sunset. If you wake up early, it will be well worth it for the sight of the sun hitting this hotel just right.

Just a short 12 minute drive away from Sooke Potholes is Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina, which is rated one of the best places to stay in the local area. Make sure you visit Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina this summer and explore some incredible sights.

This destination is one of our family favourites, if you come explore here and it will become one of your family’s top picks as well. Stay at Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina, where the accommodations are impeccable and the adventure is just waiting for you!