Spring Time Fishing

Spring is a beautiful time of year, it is a season of renewal. For those who love to fish, spring brings with it an abundance of opportunity to catch some of the finest fish on the west coast.

March is the tail end of the winter season and also the beginning of spring. During this transitional month the most common seasonal fish are Salmon and Steelhead. As we get further into March and even more so April is when Halibut, Steelhead and the Winter/Spring Salmon are the most in season. When May rolls around Halibut are still a key focus fish as well as Spring Salmon. Finally, as spring draws to a close and summer begins you will see the tail end of the Spring Salmon and along will come the Lingcod, Steelhead, Trout and of course there are still Halibut. Salmon and Halibut are generally the most popular species of fish for those coming to Sooke on Vancouver island and looking to go fishing.

Spring Salmon are also known as Chinooks and can range anywhere from 3-60 pounds. In the winter and spring months they are typically between 5-20 pounds. These fish, although smaller in the spring season, still put up a good fight and are excellent for eating.

According to the most recent reports the salmon fishing in Sooke has been good and most of the fish have been between 4-8 pounds. Most of the Salmon have been found closer to the bottom in approx. 100-140 feet of water. Anchovies have been by far the most popular choice for bait when fishing for Salmon in Sooke.

In general, the best times for Halibut fishing are March through August but this will vary depending on the tides. These delicious fish are typically in the 40-100 pound range and will definitely put up a good fight.

Halibut seem to be the most sought-after fish on the west coast. Halibut are popular for eating and are occasionally referred to as the chicken halibut and are usually 15-35 pounds but can be caught up to 70 pounds. There are new regulations to be aware of which restrict keeping the larger fish because Halibut over 40 pounds tend to be females which carry thousands of eggs so letting them go will help protect future numbers.

The Capital Region around Victoria, including Sooke, is a very popular international destination. With the year round temperate climate it is an ideal location for fishing. One of the best parts about fishing off of the south coast of Vancouver Island  is that you don’t need to venture too far out of the main harbour to find a great fishing spot. Having this protection from the open ocean waves while reeling in your prize winning salmon or halibut may be a huge bonus those who are more prone to getting seasick.

There are so many reasons to come to Vancouver Island in the spring. The air is fresh, the leaves are well on their way to coming back and the whole island is in bloom!  It is a great to explore this magnificent region by land and it is also a great time to go fishing! If you are thinking of taking a fishing trip to Sooke on Vancouver Island here is some bait…… The Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina offers excellent packages for those who want to stay, play and experience a true west coast adventure. Book your package today, come experience Sooke and catch the prize winning fish!