Travelling with your Best (Fur) Friend

Travelling with your pet? We’re Pet-Friendly and love our furry guests. Here are some valuable tips to make travelling with your Fur-Kid easy and fun.


  • Buckle Up – free-roaming pets in your car can be a safety hazard for you, your pet and other passengers. Sudden braking, even at low speeds, can send your pet flying over seats and into windows, causing serious injuries. Consider securing your pet’s crate or carrier or using a restraint system to minimize this hazard
  • Plan Bathroom Breaks – Before you leave home, teach your dog to relieve himself on multiple surfaces – not just the grass! Having the ability to potty on different terrains, such as concrete, mulch and gravel will help to alleviate his discomfort as well as the possibility of accidents while you’re on the road. Don’t forget to bring a supply of bags to clean-up afterward!
  • Bring Toys – To prevent your dog from getting bored, provide them with a few new toys – and a couple of old favourites.
  • Up to Date Identification – Make sure your dog has a sturdy leash and collar. The collar should have identification tags with the dog’s name, your name, and your cell phone number so that should the unthinkable happen – your pet gets separated from you on a trip – people know how to contact you.
  • Have an Emergency Plan – Make sure you research veterinarians in the area and come prepared with your pet’s health record, including any medications.


If you’re travelling with your dog, chances are you’d like to give them time to run around.  Here are some dog-friendly walks and parks any furry ‘kid’ would love:

Please note, Dogs must be on a leash at all times.


Protect your pets from potential natural hazards such as:

  • Poisonous mushrooms
  • Unstable or slippery terrain
  • High and fast-moving water in streams and ditches
  • Encounters with wildlife
  • Blue-green algae

Please notify the resort prior to arrival when considering bringing a pet as we have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms available. Come make Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina your home base for adventure with the whole family.