Exploring Tide Pools

Vancouver Island is renowned for its wild, untamed beaches. When low tide hits, the water retreats unveiling a myriad of sea creatures and plant life. Explore the tide pools in Sooke to see what beauty emerges from this ever-changing environment.

How Do Tide Pools Form?

When the ocean retreats at low tide, seawater becomes trapped in a gathering of rocks by the shore. As the border between land and sea is constantly changing as the tide roll in and out, pools of water form in shallow rock formations, these are called tide pools. Seaweeds and seashore animals such as crabs, small fish, and sea anemones can live in these pools.


Where to Find Tide Pools in Sooke?

Botanical Beach

At Botanical Beach you will find a variety of marine flora and fauna in this intertidal zone as well as starfish, sea urchins, mussels, and anemones. It is best to visit during low tide for the best viewing of these tidal pools.

Tide Pool Etiquette

Be mindful and respect the plants and animals. Do not take any shells or creatures from the tide pools are souvenirs. While it can be very exciting to interact with marine life, they are very sensitive to their environment. While it is encouraged to gently pick up the rocks and search for life underneath it, it is important to gently place it back where you found it to avoid disrupting or hurting the creatures who live there.

We also suggest bringing a small bag to collect any trash that you may create or see left behind. The marine life can be fragile and it is important to protect it from becoming entangled in litter.


What You Should Bring

  • Wear proper footwear – Tide pools can contain slippery seaweed and sharp shells so it’s important to protect your feet. Choose rain boots, sturdy sandals or water shoes.
  • Cell-phone or Camera – Though it may be tempting to take a souvenir like a shell or rock, it is important to leave everything as you found it. Instead, take a photo or video to relive the experience.
  • Backpack – keep your hands free for balance, support and exploring!

There is so much that is just waiting to be explored. Located just 35-minutes away from VictoriaSooke Harbour Resort & Marina offers the perfect home base for the long days of adventure ahead. Contact us today to learn more!