Guided Hiking Tours

Many people hike the woods for exercise and a break from busy city life. For some, the temperate rain forest of Sooke is not only a hobby but a way of life. Rain Forest Tours is a company that offers guided adventures that can show you the path only experts know. With their immense knowledge of biodiversity and wildlife you are sure to learn a lot about nature from your half or full day tour.

Sooke has two main tours and both have the option of 2km-10km:

Aylard Farm

This is one of the best places to explore coves with many tidal pools and white sand beaches. What really makes it interesting are the remains of a heritage apple orchard left over from the past settlement. Once you reach a lookout point the guide will show you ancient petroglyphs that were carved into the stone by Coast Salish people. Here you will sit back and enjoy a gourmet lunch, while being captivated by the incredible ocean views.


Copper Mine Trail

Start your trip through mature cedar woods along an old logging road. Then escape into the rainforest with ancient plants, towering trees and moss covering every inch of land it can reach. This is the tour where you will find out more about the forest and all it’s many wonders. Once you reach a clearing you will be able to enjoy your meal and take in the beautiful ocean views.


Both tours are customizable for how much land you want to cover during your hike. With groups of 6 people or more you can completely customize a package with you and Toni, the owner and main tour guide.

If that is not enough for you we can still top it off with a premium package. You can add on to the experience with special options like kayaking, whale watching and ziplines. This would be a jam-packed day of adventure and excitement. Imagine starting the morning off with a sunrise kayaking tour, then your guide taking you on trails only she knows and finishing off with whale watching in the evening. That is a full day of much needed nature.

Explore the great unknown with locals that will show you why they call it home. Fall is an incredible season to visit the rainforest and watch the colours of the leaves change. Make sure you come out now before the winter comes. Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina is the perfect oceanside getaway. Rain Forest Tours will pick you up right from the resort and take you right to the tree canopy that awaits your arrival. Book your stay today!