Year Round Fishing

Looking for a place you can fish year-round? look no further than Vancouver Island! Almost every community on the island lies on or near the Ocean, this makes for abundant fishing opportunities. Fisherman from around the world visit Vancouver Island casting into the waters with hopes of reeling in their prize fish!  Imagine taking in the snow-capped mountains, the one of kind beauty that will take your breath away all the while fishing in some of the best-known waters for salmon on the planet!

The waters surrounding Vancouver Island have been known to be world class waters for Salmon fishing.  Although Salmon fishing is generally the most popular, there are other fish to be caught while on Vancouver Island.

Here are the types of fish in the water around Vancouver Island:

  • Salmon
  • Halibut
  • Trout- Rainbow and Cutthroat (these are found mostly in lakes and rivers on the island)
  • Rockcod, Lingcod
  • Steelhead (game fish, ranges in size, lakes and rivers)
  • Shellfish- prawns, shrimp, clams, crabs and oysters!

The community of Sooke is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada. Less than 40km from the City of Victoria, Sooke offers several great locations for fishing. Below are the main areas for fishing in Sooke

  1. “Possession Point: the closest spot to Sooke Harbour, a 5 minute run from the end of Whiffin Spit lighthouse. Big Chinook salmon!
  2. Secretary Island: also called Donaldson Island, 200 metres into Juan de Fuca Strait from Possession Point. Big Chinook salmon! Outside of Secretary is typically the starting point for coho, sockeye, and pink fishing in summer.
  3. Trap Shack: 10 minute run towards Victoria, off East Sooke Park.
  4. Otter Point: considered by many to be the “crown jewel” of Sooke fishing. 15-20 minute run west from Sooke. Trophy Chinook salmon, July-Aug.
  5. Sheringham Point: 25-30 minute run west, trophy Chinook.
  6. Point-no-Point and Jordan River: 45-60 minute run west, halibut fishing March-June.”

Regardless of skill level, going on a fishing charter is the best way to experience world class fishing! These expertly guided charters will show you the fishing hot spots and guide you along your quest for the perfect catch!  Once you’ve booked your charter, your guides should be able to provide you with important information such as:

It is important to note you must have the appropriate licensing for your fishing trip. Freshwater and Tidal/Saltwater fishing licenses are available online here.

Although most popular in the spring and summer, fishing in the winter months can be a worthwhile experience as well. Calm and refreshing days are the norm for the coastal waters during the winter months, a warm hat, hot coffee and determination to catch that fish and you are ready to get out there.  This is the time of year  is best known for the first chinook salmon of the season also known as “ feeder chinook”.  They are generally aggressively feeding to pack on the pounds and can be some of the strongest, most entertaining and tastiest to fish for.

If you are visiting Vancouver Island to go fishing perhaps you should consider a getaway package. Why not come explore the magnificent west coast, take in the community and of course catch that trophy fish! Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina offers amazing packages ranging from half to full day fishing trips including waterside accommodations.  You’ve been dreaming of and planning this trip for as long as you can remember, let Sooke Harbour Resort & Marina make sure it is everything you wanted and more. These affordable packages are an excellent way to create memories that will last a lifetime and with any luck enough fish to feed the family!

Come experience the thrill of reeling in your photo worthy fish, enjoy the taste of fresh catch and taking in the breath taking west coast backdrop. Once you’ve come fishing with us we know you’ll be back in fact we know you’ll be “hooked”!

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